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FS1500 Series

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Key Features

Item IDLouisville Ladder Model No.Ladder SizeStep SizeBottom WidthApprox. SpreadApprox. Wt.Wt. Capacity (lbs)
1102031502FS15022 ft. 3"17"18-1/4"8300
1102031502FS15022 ft.3"17"18-1/4"8300
1102031503FS15033 ft.3"18-1/16"23"12300
1102031504FS15044 ft.3"19-9/16"28-15/16"14300
1102031506FS15066 ft.3"22-9/16"40-7/8"20300
1102031508FS15088 ft.3"25-9/16"52-3/4"26300
1102031510FS151010 ft.3"28-9/16"64-11/16"34300
1102031512FS151212 ft.3"31-9/16"76-1/16"47300


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