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P Series

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Key Features

Louisville Ladder Model No.Ladder SizeApprox. Wt.Rail SizeModel
-5 ft.-4"12" Wide
P212066 ft.154"12" Wide
P2121212 ft.414"12" Wide
-14 ft.-5"12" Wide
P2121616 ft.605"12" Wide
P2122020 ft.976"12" Wide
P2122424 ft.1126"12" Wide
P2122828 ft.1426"12" Wide
-30 ft.-6"12" Wide
P2123232 ft.1606"12" Wide
-5 ft.-14" Wide
P228066 ft.3114" Wide
P2141212 ft.4514" Wide
-14 ft.-14" Wide
P2141616 ft.6514" Wide
P2142020 ft.10314" Wide
P2142424 ft.11814" Wide
P2142828 ft.14914" Wide
-30 ft.-14" Wide
P2143232 ft.16714" Wide
-5 ft.-20" Wide
6 ft.20" Wide
P2201212 ft.5220" Wide
-14 ft.-20" Wide
P2201616 ft.6920" Wide
P2202020 ft.11520" Wide
P2202424 ft.13320" Wide
P2202828 ft.16620" Wide
-30 ft.-20" Wide
P2203232 ft.18120" Wide
-5 ft.-24" Wide
6 ft.24" Wide
P2241212 ft.5724" Wide
-14 ft.-24" Wide
P2241616 ft.8124" Wide
P2242020 ft.12424" Wide
P2242424 ft.14224" Wide
P2242828 ft.17624" Wide
-30 ft.-24" Wide
P2243232 ft.19724" Wide
P228055 ft.2628" Wide
6 ft.28" Wide
P2281212 ft.6028" Wide
P2281414 ft.7628" Wide
P2281616 ft.8528" Wide
P2282020 ft.12928" Wide
P2282424 ft.15128" Wide
P2282828 ft.18528" Wide
P2283030 ft.19928" Wide
P2283232 ft.21328" Wide


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